About Us

With years of background in design, it’s no wonder that it took Millie Burke only two years to launch a line that’s already swimming across international borders. Her appearance on the covers of renowned decor magazines like Traditional Home and Decor gives us a sense of how talented this designer really is. Maybe it’s her driven nature, pursuit of entrepreneurship, or charming taste that has facilitated the success of Burke’s “Lowcountry Linens”. Using her southern background and touch, Burke provides a unique selection of hand- printed linens including napkins, towels, pillows and more. What separates Lowcountry Linens from other home décor companies is its ability to bring life to any room with its combination of vibrant colors and oceanic patterns. For those looking for a more sedate way to brighten up the house, Lowcountry Linens offers a selection of neutral displays as well. Households planted in fast-paced, urban locations can match the modern lifestyle with crisp linens painted with taxis, eggbeaters, kitchenware and more. Its flexibility with colors, wide array of designs, and aesthetic reflection of the lowcountry’s landscape makes this line appealing to over 500 businesses in the US and multiple stores in the Caribbean. Lowcountry Linens made appearances in Coastal Living Magazine twice in the launch year, along with other home décor media pieces such as Victoria Magazine. As customers continued to stock their homes with linens covered in anchors, crabs, corals, starfish and more, Burke decided to expand into a more personal field. It seems that the next question is, what will Lowcountry Linens grace the lowcountry, or the whole country, with next? In the meantime, buyers can enjoy a glimpse of the tasteful colors and styles of southern beaches in the comfort of their own homes.